What does criteria mean in excel

what does criteria mean in excel

How to use formula criteria (50 examples)

A criteria is a condition used in any of the logical functions or filters in Excel. This allows you to do things like find cells that meet certain conditions, like checking if values in a cell are. Summing with Or criteria in Excel can be tricky. This article shows several easy to follow examples. 1. We start simple. For example, we want to sum the cells that meet the following criteria: Google or Facebook (one criteria range). 2a. However, if we want to sum the cells that meet the following criteria: Google or Stanford (two criteria ranges), we cannot simply use the SUMIF function twice (see the .

Asked by Wiki User. A criteria is a condition used in any of the logical functions or filters in Excel. This allows you to do things like find cells that meet certain conditions, like checking if values in a cell are above a certain value.

If you wanted to know if students had passed an exam or not, the criteria used would be to check their score against the pass mark.

It calculates an average from a database list in Excel, using specified criteria. The Criteria Range is a range of cells that hold cells from which criteria are tested for functions in Excel. A constraint has a limit as for criteria: to end a loop Excel Questions. It is when you are using an OR condition, which in Excel can be implemented through an OR function, or in an Advanced Filter by listing the criteria on different rows. Conditional Formatting. Criteria is a standard by which something how to reduce swelling in toes after surgery be judged or decided.

Standards or requirements. Testing cell input against a pre-defined criteria to ensure the entry meets specific criteria. Filtering data allows you to see on certain parts of it, based on the criteria you have specified. It is one of the things that a database does, but Excel can also do.

Criteria can be used to narrow down what data you see in a list. So if you have a list of numbers, but only want to see ones that are overyou could set that as your criteria. There are lots of ways of doing it. Check out the Database functions in Excel.

A standard or principle for evaluating or testing something. The worksheet is ready for your input. It is like a boss that in the excel it bad. Ask Question. Microsoft Excel. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Related Questions. What does daverage do in Excel? What is criteria range? What is the difference between criteria and constraints? Conditions that what does criteria mean in excel specify in an Excel function are called?

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The criteria of a database function are not part of the database function arguments but are somewhere in the worksheet and then referenced by the function. The criteria area can contain a single criterion, or it can contain two or more criteria. Each individual criterion is structured as follows. “Regions” are collections of cells. When you refer to regions in Excel equations, the format is to put the name of the spreadsheet first, then an exclamation point (!) and then the region description. So if you are using a region which consists of.

One of the most important skills of building useful formulas is creating criteria — the part of a formula that decides what to include or exclude in a calculation. However, it can be surprisingly tricky to build effective criteria because it requires a good understanding of how Excel handles data. If you've ever spent an afternoon troubleshooting a formula that seems like it should "just work", you know what I mean :.

Note: language mavens will point out that "criterion" is singular and "criteria" is plural, but I'm going to use "criteria" in both cases to keep things simple. Translation: If the value in E3 is greater than 30, return "Yes", otherwise return "No". Otherwise, return the original price. This section covers the building blocks of formula criteria, and some simple ways to verify that criteria are performing as expected. The trick is to construct criteria in a way so that they only return TRUE when the test meets your exact criteria.

If you can master this one idea, you have the foundation to build and understand many advanced formulas. Excel has several so-called "logical functions" that can be used to construct and utilize conditions. The table below lists the key logical functions. Naturally, there are many cases where you will want to use multiple criteria. Here are a few examples:. Notice the IF function is not on this list. The classic way to test criteria is to wrap them in the IF function. For example, to check for "red" or "blue", we can wrap the OR function inside IF like this:.

However, you can also test criteria directly on the worksheet as a formula. Let's say you want to process values that are 80 and higher. In the screen below, C3 contains this formula, copied down. All Excel formulas must begin with an equals sign, so it must be included. Remove the equal sign when you move criteria into another formula.

Another way to test criteria is to use F9 to evaluate criteria in place. Just carefully select a logical expression, and press F9. Excel will immediately evaluate the expression and display the result. Video: How to use F9 to debug a formula. To do that, just remove the equal sign and add the criteria where needed in the formula.

In the example below, the formula C3 contains this formula, which uses the criteria above as the logical test inside IF:. Translation: if the value in B3 is greater than or equal to 80, return "Pass".

Otherwise, return "Fail". This section shows examples of how to build criteria to accomplish a variety of tasks for different kinds of content. There several ways you can check for blank or non-blank cells. If the count is zero, the cell is "blank".

This formula is useful when testing cells that may contain formulas that return empty strings "". Notice in each case the text IS enclosed in double quotes e. If you don't use quotes, Excel will think you are trying to reference a named range or a function, and will return the NAME error. Notice numbers are NOT enclosed in double quotes. If you enclose a number in quotes, you are telling Excel to treat the number as text, which will make the criteria useless.

Also, remember that number formatting in Excel is affects display only, and does not change numeric data in any way. Dates in Excel are just numbers, which means you are free to use ordinary math operations on dates if you like. With Order dates in column A and Delivery dates in column B, this formula in column C will mark delivery times greater than 3 days as "late":. Excel also provides a large number of specific functions for working with dates. The safest way to insert a valid date into criteria is to use the DATE function, which accepts year, month, and day as separate arguments.

Here are a couple examples:. Times are fractional numbers in Excel, so you can use simple math for time in some cases. For example, to check if a time in A1 is after PM more than 12 hours , you can use:.

For more granular work, Excel has special functions to extract time by component. For example, with the time AM in cell A This is because the criteria are split into two parts criteria range and criteria , and this impacts the syntax when criteria include operators. Simple criteria based on equality don't need special handling.

Notice the quotes "" around the criteria? These are required when criteria include an operator in these functions. Excel allows three main data types: text, numbers, and logicals. Dates, times, percentages, and fractions are all just numbers with number formatting applied to change the way they are displayed.

By default, numbers are right-aligned, text is left-aligned, and logical values are centered. But a user can override alignment manually, so this is not a good test of type. In the screen below, the cells D3, F3, and H3 contain these formulas, copied down:. To use these functions as criteria, just place then in the correct location of a formula. The examples above show the fundamentals of using criteria in formulas, there are many ways to make criteria more sophisticated.

This section explores a few techniques. It is often useful to make criteria variable, by referencing a cell on the worksheet. For example, in the worksheet below, the passing score is in cell E3, and the formula to determine pass or fail looks like this:.

Placing the passing score in cell E3 makes it easy to change at any time without editing formulas. However, if criteria include operators, you'll need to use concatenation. The concatenation runs first. If A1 contains the number 10, this is the formula after concatenation:. Notice the pattern is the same as explained earlier — if criteria includes operators, it must appear in quotes "".

One tricky situation is when you want to test if a cell contains specific text. However, many other functions like the IF function don't support wildcards. In the screen below, D3 contains this formula:. For a more details, see this page. Nested IF formulas are often used to check multiple criteria and return multiple results.

In general, the challenge is to build nested IFs so that the critieria run in the right sequence. For example, here is a nested IF formula that assigns a letter grade based on a numeric score:. They can sometimes be used as criteria to create simple OR logic criteria.

For example, in the screen below, cell F4 contains this formula:. The SUM function then returns the sum of the two results. Array formulas are a complicated topic, but the criteria for simple array formulas can be quite simple. A classic example is using the IF function to "filter out" values that should be excluded, the processing the result with another function.

This compares all region values with "West" from F4, and returns the following array result in the logical test for IF:. Only values associated with the "West" region make it into the the array.

Below are links to more advanced formula criteria examples. Each link has a screenshot and a full explanation. Skip to main content. How to use formula criteria 50 examples One of the most important skills of building useful formulas is creating criteria — the part of a formula that decides what to include or exclude in a calculation. If you've ever spent an afternoon troubleshooting a formula that seems like it should "just work", you know what I mean : This guide aims to help you build formulas that work the first time.

Function names on dark backgrounds below are links to more information. See also: 23 tips for formulas video article. See also. Email HP. Your videos are the best I have seen so far. I use excel in my advanced acc. Excel video training Quick, clean, and to the point. Learn more.

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