What actually happened to flight 370

what actually happened to flight 370

The Roswell incident: how ‘UFO sighting’ sparked 70 years of conspiracy theories

Jan 21,  · The case for the simulator premeditated pilot mass murder suicide would be a lot stronger if the captain had actually practiced the flight from KL to Igari, then practiced executing the degree turn, then practiced the flight back over the Malay peninsula skirting the Thai Malay border, then practiced the second turn northwest at Penang. Flight 19 was the designation of a group of five General Motors Eastern Aircraft Division TBM Avenger torpedo bombers that disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle on December 5, , after losing contact during a United States Navy overwater navigation training flight from Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale, tiktoksmmen.com 14 airmen on the flight were lost, as were all 13 crew members of a Martin.

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Malaysia Airlines Flight wasn't an accident. There were definitely external forces that catalyzed its disappearance. The flight path was diverted many times and there was a lot of shady stuff about some of the passengers and the pilot of Flight We may never know unless the plane is found. Jun 26,  · What happened to the Malaysia Airlines Flight ; Strange conspiracy theories: from 5G to Meghan Markle concluded that reports of alien bodies actually related to life-sized anthropomorphic. Moon landing conspiracy theories claim that some or all elements of the Apollo program and the associated Moon landings were hoaxes staged by NASA, possibly with the aid of other tiktoksmmen.com most notable claim is that the six crewed landings (–) were faked and that twelve Apollo astronauts did not actually walk on the tiktoksmmen.coms groups and individuals have made claims since.

MH was on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8, , when en-route control lost contact with the aircraft. While some parts from the aircraft have been allegedly found, they showed up more than a year after the crash and their positive identification remains open to question.

Thus the mystery that the book supposedly demystifies. However, the book does no such thing. It was destroyed when the pilot failed to comply, or perhaps even respond, since this is not clear from the scenario proposed. How it was destroyed is not explained. For the record, there are a few cases of aircraft being shot down when the pilot refused to respond to a demand either from ground control or intercepting aircraft.

Exactly why the Russians decided to shoot the plane down is far from clear and remains controversial. It is known that the Russian Air Force radioed back to base and then to Moscow asking for instructions. It is quite possible the South Korean pilots never saw the Russian fighter jet. Ten years earlier, in , a Libya airliner, Flight , was a regularly scheduled flight from Tripoli, Libya, via Benghazi to Cairo, but ended up over Israel.

It was intercepted by two Israeli F-4 fighters. The plane refused to land and was shot down. The E-3s were built to provide long-range radar surveillance and identification of threats and to direct friendly fighter aircraft to go after the threats in a war scenario. Built on a modified Boeing platform, the last E-3 was manufactured in However, since then the radars and computers of the E-3 have been improved, GPS has been added, and a number of additions such as Link 16 have also been integrated into the aircraft.

The E-3A does not carry any armament. If a Malaysian airliner was approached by a US fighter jet and told to follow and land at a different location, it is unlikely the pilot would resist such an order. While US-Malaysian relations were none too good in since improved , a US fighter jet is a formidable machine. The airline pilot would have to respect any order coming from a lethal fighter jet.

The notion promoted by de Changy that the airliner pilot bravely flew on and resisted US fighter planes — if that is what she thinks was there — does not make sense. De Changy wants us to believe that the search for MH was a sort of hoax or decoy to cover up the real crash of the MH in the Gulf of Thailand or thereabouts.

The alleged reason for the cover-up was that MH was carrying cargo Motorola electronics to Beijing that was very sensitive and may have been stolen.

The US wanted to stop the aircraft from getting to its destination and tried to get the pilot to divert. When he refused, the plane was allegedly shot down somehow.

In short, the operation was allegedly bungled, but for various reasons, a number of countries, including China, were willing to conspire with the US to cover up the incident. That does not mean that everything in the book is wrong.

But the author became so convinced she was being given the runaround and that witnesses were being intimidated, that she seems to have concluded that something else was behind the loss of MH For example, despite the numerous references to Motorola electronics in the cargo, the author did not ask Motorola for a detailed accounting of what was shipped by them.

Instead, the author complains that Malaysian Airlines was not forthcoming about anything and was deliberately misleading the press and the families of the missing passengers.

The author rightly points out there was other cargo put on board MH that surely was not what the paperwork said it was, namely mangosteens.

But as de Changy also noted, smuggling stuff to China was a big business and dodgy paperwork was part of the system. Similarly, the two most important clues — two Iranians flying under false passports, and at least one alleged Uighur, did not get any attention in her narrative. A Uighur group called the East Turkestan Independence Movement actually did take responsibility for what happened to MH, and claimed it was carried out by a year-old Uighur man.

One would think this is a powerful claim that should have been pursued. The second clue involves the Iranians. There also were Shia terrorists operating in Malaysia, which may explain why Massoud Sedaghtzadeh had fled Thailand and arrived in Kuala Lumpur on February 15, , where he was arrested. There were also a number of other radical Islamist terrorists under arrest there.

Their cooperation and overlap in operations in Malaysia or Thailand or elsewhere is, therefore, quite possible, especially if backed by the Iranian regime. Two others, one man and one woman, escaped, as did Massoud. At the time of the disappearance of MH in , Massoud was under arrest in Malaysia and was appealing his extradition to Thailand. Two additional terrorists, one the alleged bomb-maker, Norouzi Shayan Ali Akbar, and the other, a woman named Leila Rohani, are believed to have escaped and returned to Tehran.

One of the possible reasons why Ms de Changy found the Malaysian government not forthcoming and, perhaps deceptive, could be related to a terrorist scenario. If the Malaysian government was contacted and urged to make a deal to get their passengers back, they may have tried to do so, only to find out later that the terrorists did not have the passengers in their control and that the plane was lost.

Where the plane actually ended up remains unknown and its flight path as understood by some Inmarsat calculations could be way off the mark. The report that MH was seen on fire and another that the pilot may have reported that the plane was about to break up, should not be dismissed and represents useful research by de Changy. The author does a good job in clearing the pilot of the plane, who some suspected may have been either intending to divert the plane to some unknown final destination or who was on some kind of suicide mission.

It is popular these days to accuse the US government of being a sinister puppet master, even getting top Chinese leaders to go along with a cover-up that killed many of their citizens. This is a case where there is no evidence to support such a thesis. MH remains lost and The Disappearing Act does not solve the mystery. This site, like many others, uses small files called cookies to help us improve and customize your experience.

Learn more about how we use cookies in our cookie policy. Skip to content Malaysia Airlines flight MH's disappearance is still a mystery despite a new book that claims to resolve the case. AWACS not a radio jamming plane Exactly why the Russians decided to shoot the plane down is far from clear and remains controversial. A hoax or a decoy The airline pilot would have to respect any order coming from a lethal fighter jet.

Photo: Agencies That does not mean that everything in the book is wrong. Iranians and Uighurs Similarly, the two most important clues — two Iranians flying under false passports, and at least one alleged Uighur, did not get any attention in her narrative. ISIS has spread its wings far and wide. Terrorist scenario At the time of the disappearance of MH in , Massoud was under arrest in Malaysia and was appealing his extradition to Thailand.

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