Robert greenberg how to listen to and understand great music

robert greenberg how to listen to and understand great music

How to Listen to and Understand Opera

The Teaching Company: How to Listen to and Understand Great Music: Complete Set - 48 Audio CDs with Course Guidebooks (The Great Courses: Fine Arts and Music, Course # ) [Robert Greenberg] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. About Robert Greenberg. Robert Greenberg is an American composer, musician, and musicologist. He has composed more than 50 works for a variety of instruments and voices, and has recorded a number of lecture series on music history and music appreciation for The Great Courses. He is the author of How to More about Robert Greenberg.

The perfect music grdenberg from one of the most trusted names in continuing education. The right knowledge can deepen the ability of this music to edify, enlighten, and robdrt the soul.

In How to Listen to Great MusicProfessor Robert Greenberg, a composer and music historian, presents a comprehensive, accessible guide to how music has mirrored Western history, that will transform the experience of listening for novice hoow long-time listeners alike.

You will learn how to listen for key elements in different genres of music—from madrigals to minuets and from sonatas to symphonies—along with the enthralling history of great music from ancient Greece to the 20th century. How did the Enlightenment change music? Robert Greenberg is an American composer, musician, and musicologist. He has composed more than 50 works for a variety of instruments and voices, and has recorded a number of lecture series on music history and music what are the four kinds of aquatic ecosystems for The Great Courses.

Understannd is the author of How to… More about Robert Greenberg. Find books coming soon in Sign in. Category: Music Category: Music. Apr 26, ISBN Listeh to Cart. Also available too. Available from:. Paperback —. About How to Listen to Great Music The perfect music gift from one of the most trusted names in continuing education.

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Robert Greenberg

How to Listen to and Understand Great Music, 3rd Ed. Robert Greenberg Great Courses By jarrettbconner. How to Listen to and Understand Great Music, 3rd Ed. Robert Greenberg Great Courses. These are the works included in Greenberg's lectures. They may not be (are probably not) the actual recordings used in those lectures. songs. Play on Spotify. Geniuses—Monteverdi, Mozart, Verdi, Wagner, and Puccini—produced some of the landmark artistic achievements of all time in this form. With Professor Robert Greenberg to show you how, you can learn to understand, appreciate—even to love—opera in just 24 hours of lectures. Explore the Robert Greenberg Music course catalogue. | Robert Greenberg | Speaker, Composer, Author, Professor, Historian. How to Listen to and Understand Great Music, 3rd Edition $ – $ Select options. Sale! Great Music of the 20th Century $ – $ Select options.

Alma mater University of California, Berkeley. Thsi review will cover the Audio CD. This my fourth Greenberg course to complete. In retrospect, it … Show Full Review This action will open a modal dialog.

I constantly look to impr… Show Full Review This action will open a modal dialog. This was a great course, brilliantly taught. It is not easy teaching about the history of music. Here, the content and presentation was beautifully judged. I highly recommend it to all music students and teachers alike. This is how it should be done! This is my first course from Prof.

Greenberg and will not be my last! First, if you believe that you will become a music expert after taking this course, you will be disappointed hey However, your knowledge of music, its history and your ability to maybe, just maybe hear things in classical music that you didn't hear before will be greatly increased.

Greenberg makes the course very enjoyable, even fun, given his great sense of humor and his knowledge both of which come into play in this course.

It is long 48 lectures at 45 min each but he did keep my attention till the end Ok I did kind of lose it on the Wagnerian Opera a bit. It is no accident that Prof. Greenberg is one of The Great Courses' most popular professors, and this lecture course gives him a broad canvas to educate and entertain. His enthusiasm and energy is unparalleled, and his knowledge of this subject matter is exhaustive. The course features a lot of theory, but it is always offered in connection with the many musical selections that are played, which are enhanced by Prof.

Greenberg's illuminating and often humorous commentary. In short, this course is a real treat; highly recommended! Wonderful course. Greenberg provides an interesting and detailed overview of "great" music. His contextualization of musical artists and pieces puts them into a perspective I would otherwise not have had. While certain elements of the lectures may seem a bit idiosyncratic, I had a great time listening to this and found them very effective.

First, loved the teacher he loves his subject and knows it well! He was entertaining too. But I felt like I was back in college - I guess I was looking for more music and less theory. Liked his background on the artists and times when they lived. I was waiting for him to say when the test would be.

Definitely would listen to more from him. I found this course I wanted to take it for a while but I delayed to take many of the others. When I finally sat down to start this course I found Dr Greenberg's knowledge and excitement fascinating.

He really is an excellent teacher on this topic and brought a lot more to this long course. His review or the historical and cultural points made the music more understandable.

I look forward to taking more of Dr Greenberg's courses. I have watched or listened to about a half-dozen Great Courses, all of which I really have liked. This one is terrific, too. I go to about a dozen classical music concerts a year in Philadelphia , so I know more than the average person, but I certainly am no expert. If you like classical music, and want a much better and deep understanding of what it is you're listening to, this is the course for you. I have learned a tremendous amount.

Greenberg is a treasure. Although some reviews criticize him for liking the sound of his own voice and he does , I consider that a minor thing. He is extremely articulate, unbelievably knowledgeable I think he's brilliant, and I don't use that term loosely , quite amusing, clearly loves music, and is a natural born teacher. He is quite opinionated, but that never detracts from what he is saying.

You will learn a lot about the history of classical music and composers, which I did not expect when I bought this GC, but I now realize that it is an excellent way to learn about classical music. I never realized the progression through history of classical music, nor did I realize why different music was composed in different periods and why that is significant.

All the history really helps you to understand the music better. Since I really don't like opera I consider the singing very artificial and the fact that it's in a foreign language annoying , I was curious to see if he could convince me to like it. Alas, he failed, but not for want of trying, and now at least I understand why it appeals to many people. In particular, he explains what makes Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven the greatest of all composers. Those who like classical music already appreciate their music, but now they will understand WHY they do.

It is clear from perusing reviews of his other GC that the vast majority of people love Dr. Greenberg and only a very few find his style off-putting.

I am glad this is my first Greenberg GC and I look forward to listening to others. Years ago in undergraduate school I took Greenberg's course about opera years ahead, and I still listen to my favorite operas from that course.

This course in how to Listen to and Understand Great music is fantastic. My husband and I are old time stringboard players, and our music is learned by ear and not written own. Greenberg is so helpful in breaking down music and music periods and helping one develop a music library for later listening.

He is a terrific, engaging, and entertaining instructor. I am so thankful to have taken this course! We no longer make or sell audio CDs and have no more in stock. No, we don't give credits. We are not an accredited institution. Our courses are for people who love to learn without test, exams, papers, etc. Hi there. I hear you! We discontinued CDs last year and will not start making them again.

Audible has sole rights to sell the audio download version of the course, per our agreement with them. Thank you for being such a fan of The Great Courses! Yes, we have an "upgrade" policy. Please call our Customer Contact Center to discuss pricing and to order. The Guidebook is available in your Audible library. Thank you for your question.

Based on your interest, I would recommend Music as a Mirror of History, since that is the main focus of the course. Examine the contributions of nearly every major composer, including Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Stravinsky, and more. Go deep inside the most magnificent pieces of Western concert music with the aid of digitally recorded musical passages.

Gain an outstanding grasp of musical forms, techniques, and terms - and finally become fluent in the language of music. Discover the powerful influence of social context on musical creation from ancient Greece to the 20th century.

Learn the characteristics of every major concert music form that developed in Europe over the last 2, years. How to Listen to and Understand Opera. Understanding the Fundamentals of Music. The Symphony. The Concerto. Bach and the High Baroque. The 23 Greatest Solo Piano Works.

String Quartets of Beethoven. Professor, San Francisco Performances. Course No. Choose a Format Instant Video. Add to Cart Choose a format in order to add this course to your cart. Add to Wishlist Please choose a format in order to add this course to your Wish List. Robert Greenberg, Ph. For thousands of years cultures have celebrated themselves through their music. Let us always be willing and able to join that celebration by listening as carefully as we can to what, through music, we have to say to one another.

Learning how to appreciate the unmatched beauty, genius, and power of concert music can permanently enrich your life. Why is this so?

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