How to use data bundles

how to use data bundles

How To Make Your Data Bundle Last Longer With Your PC

Oct 27,  · First of all open your phone dialer, dial *#. Kindly select option 2 which is midnight bundle. Select option 1 which is buy for self. choose option 1 which is flexi bundles. Apr 14,  · It’s always a bad idea to try to buy bundles using Ecocash unless you are happy with your money being stuck for a while. As for the pricing, the bundles start off at $ This gives you $25 gigs of data, which you can use for anything on the internet. $ sounds like a .

Our new data plan gives you the freedom to choose how much airtime you would like to convert to data. To all Safaricom customers. Nineteen years ago this week, we launched Safaricom and made a commitment to serve you. Our journey has been filled with many happy moments as we marked many milestones together, but as in any relationship, we know there are moments we have perhaps not lived up to your expectations. Birthdays are great opportunities for renewal and fresh starts and also allow me, as your recently appointed CEO to take a fresh look at how we serve you and what we can do to be of better service to you.

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How to Use Airtel Social bundle Data Trick on PC

Call it data extension, data carry forward, carryover data, rollover data; regardless what you may call it, data extension is when unused data from a bundle you purchased is added to a new bundle, before a set expiration date. Data extension is a controversial feature which some telcos have and others don’t. How to Use Airtel Social bundle Data Trick on PC Subscribe to Airtel social by dialing **# for MB of N or **4*1# for mb of N valid for 7days and 25days respectively On your phone, launch the HTTP injector App, import the configuration file and click start to get it connected. Apr 11,  · Since the bundles, work like the normal data bundles you can use them from any location, as long as there is network access. So just to be clear (again) the bundles do not need you to be in a WiFi-zone for them to work. They can work from any location.

If you are having a data consumption usage dilemma that is giving you so much cause for concern, you can now control it; learn how to make your data bundle last longer when using the internet. If you are like me that earn income mostly through the internet, you will be concerned about the amount of MB consumed daily. Except you are rocking an unlimited data plan , you are probably above the basic data control palaver that includes no online gaming, streaming, limited downloads, and so on.

But if you are like the average Nigerian using data bundles that comes with all kinds of limitations to prevent fast data usage, then you will surely be concerned about how to extend data plan consumption on your PC. If you would like to stop agonizing over fast MB consumption while browsing on your PC, read the tips I have compiled to help you. Yes, I will like to start this tutorial with my opinion that also double as my experience as an online business person.

While on the data plan, I was able to use my night plan data for a whole month; and the to plan for complete 2 weeks browsing mostly throughout the day. The story changed drastically, I started using 3 GB data for les than 2 weeks, and the and MB for less than 3 days, what happened? I did a little test, got a Pentium 3 laptop and discovered that the data still last longer. So, I concluded that the higher the speed of a PC, the higher the Data that will be consumed during internet browsing.

I decided to get a Pentium 4 laptop for my business and retained higher grade PC for presentation purpose only. Why do you think I did that? If you work online, the amount of data you use will affect your bottom-line and success rate. This way, I keep down my data expenditure while I increase my bottom-line. You can do the same too.

Note that this step must be repeated each time you wish to use your laptop or pc for internet surfing. Well, I do hope this solution works for you as it did for me. Let me know your opinion by dropping a comment.

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