How to remove dark circles of eyes

how to remove dark circles of eyes

Sound sleeping is an inexpensive, easy way to help minimize dark undereye circles, no matter what the cause. Sleep not only helps keep eyes bright. It also aids your body in repairing cell damage Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. Jun 25,  · Fillers injected by a physician correct the volume loss, reduces wrinkles, reduces shadows, and brightens up the under-eye area. Blepharoplasty: This is a surgical procedure that may be done for patients with fat accumulation under the eyes, causing an .

If you notice that your under-eye area rivals a smoky eye, you may have dark circles. Removing or decreasing tp circles calls for an individualized approach that can still present challenges. The good news: There are home remedies, skin care products, and medical treatments to help tackle those pesky under-eye circles.

Dark circles can happen when the blood vessels become fragile and break, causing discoloration in the top two layers of skin.

Here are the many factors involved:. Before you grab the cucumber slices and concealer, there are a multitude of circlez to help your under-eye area see the light. But keep in mind that the effectiveness of treatments varies from person to person, just like the causes. Not getting enough shut-eye can cause fluid buildup under your eyes and result in dark circles.

Ditch the caffeine 6 hours before going to sleep, and avoid working out or eating too close to bedtime. Your TikTok scrolling will also have to wait. Powering down electronics 1 to 2 hours before hitting the hay can result in more restful sleep. Sleeping with your head propped up can counteract any fluid buildup around your eyes.

While a stack of pillows may do the trick, a wedge pillow is designed to provide that comfortable elevation. Not only does the cucumber shine on a salad, but its high water content can reduce under-eye swelling and dark circles.

This treatment works best when you can lie down with chilled cucumber slices on your eyes for 15 minutes. Start by steeping two tea bags in hot water for 5 minutes, and then chill them in the fridge for 15 to 20 minutes. Apply the tea bags on your closed eyes and rest up for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse with cool water afterward. This should help increase circulation to your eye area, shrink blood vessels, and reduce fluid retention. Putting a cold compress on your eyes can help constrict the blood vessels that cause dark circles.

This may be bad news for folks with a salt tooth, but excessive sodium in your diet can increase fluid retention, and fluid circlew around your eyes can lead to dark circles. Xircles American Heart Association suggests consuming no more than 2, milligrams how to remove dark circles of eyes sodium per day.

Eating certain processed foods can increase oxidative stresswhich can lead to inflammation, including in your eye area. Eating antioxidant-rich foods like berries, dark chocolate, dakr beans can help counteract these effects. A mixture of almond oil and vitamin E may be a natural remedy for dark circles if used over time. Massage this mixture under your eyes before going to bed.

When you wake up, rinse the area with cold water. Potassium-rich foods can help reduce excess fluid that causes dark circles and puffiness. Try adding bananasbeans, and leafy cidcles to your diet to diminish the puff and lighten up. When your skin reacts to an allergy, antihistamines are one way to counteract the effects. Research has found that stress intensifies hyperpigmentation. Reducing stress is easier said than done, but getting more sleep and exercising regularly are good places to start.

Nothing in dark circle treatment is magic, how to download music to android tablet from computer this second eye massage could help. How to remove dark circles of eyes a gentle tapping motion around your eyes can bring blood flow to the area. Got a full 8 hours of sleep but still woke up with dark circles under your eyes? Ditch off makeup remover dadk and try a more targeted product circes get eyfs makeup off for good.

After washing your face, massage a teaspoon of room-temperature coconut oil under each eye for 30 seconds. Research has shown that applying lactic acid to the skin can tackle skin discoloration. Try soaking two cotton balls in cold milk and then holding them under your eyes.

A new take on the cold compress how to make a shortcut to a web page an ice roller or globe you can move over your under-eye area. This process can improve circulation and bow puffiness. Overexposure to the sun can cause dark under-eye circles. A study found that applying vitamin K with an emu oil base under the eyes reduced dark circles in 4 weeks. Part of the reason the tea bag treatment works is that caffeine has anti-inflammatory benefits.

Coffee may be your go-to morning jolt, but it can also do your skin some good. When mixed into an eye cream formula, coffee can wake your under-eye circles right up.

Age can contribute to dark circles, and retinoids in skin care are known for reducing hkw effects of aging. Retinoids target skin discoloration by boosting cell turnover. They can be intense, so start slow to avoid drying out your skin. A doctor may recommend using a topical bleaching cream to treat dark circles and hyperpigmentation.

These creams contain an agent that inhibits the production of melanin on your skin. The most prescribed bleaching agent is hydroquinone which you can also find in OTC spot treatments.

Studies show that it can take 5 to 7 months of use to be effective. Eyrs acid is a naturally occurring fungal derivative. While that may sound like the last thing you want to eyws near your eyes, kojic acid has been used to treat hyperpigmentation.

But it may come with some side effects, including redness and contact dermatitis. Azelaic acid first came onto the scene as an acne treatmentbut it was also found to affect the enzyme tyrosinase, which helps with pigment production.

Since azelaic acid actually stops DNA synthesis, it can be used vark for long periods of time. Chemical peels containing glycolic acid, retinoic acid, or hydroquinone are often used to hwo dark under-eye circles. A peel containing salicylic acid, lactic acid, and resorcinol aka a Jessner peel is also an option. Noninvasive laser treatments such as pulsed dye laser, diode laser, and intensed pulsed light laser can syes hyperpigmentation.

Fillers that target under-eye circles come in the form of hyaluronic acid gel. This treatment creates 3D reshaping under the eyes. This may work best for people whose dark circles are a result of circlew skin or loss of fatty dari in the area.

If the skin under your eyelids is thin and translucent, a fat transplant to the area may be a possible solution. The surgery that targets dark circles is called blepharoplasty. This outpatient procedure typically involves the removal of fat from under the eyes. If effective, blepharoplasty ro to be done only once.

The appearance of dark circles is typically a cosmetic issue removw can affect anyone. Age is a factor, as are skin pigment and genetics. Certain lifestyle changes — like quitting smoking and not staying up all night playing Animal Crossing you know who you are — could improve dark circles.

In other cases, medical intervention may be necessary to show your removs circles the light. A dermatologist can give you peace of mind and suggest possible medical treatments.

This A to Z skin care guide has all the best science-backed buzzwords if beauty. To get the most out of your probably expensive skin care products, you need to apply them in the right order. Not sure where to begin with a skin care routine? Join the crowd. The sea of products with big promises drk unpronounceable ingredients can make it…. If you're taking a break from skin care or just plain quitting, there might be some how to make tapioca flour to skin health that are removw worth following.

Aloe vera is kind of the Superman of the botanical world, but is it safe to use on your face? You bet. You just have to circkes it the right way. Home remedies Skin care Medical ov When to see a doctor The bottom line If you notice that your under-eye area rivals a smoky eye, you may have dark circles. Share on Pinterest. What causes dark circles under the eyes? How to get rid of dark under-eye circles once and for all. Home remedies for dark circles. Skin care for dark circles.

Medical treatments for dark comic stars fighting how to unlock characters. When do you need to see a doctor or dermatologist? The takeaway. Read this next.

Last Updated: April 19, References Approved. This article was co-authored by Christin Birckhead. Christin Birckhead is a Makeup Artist and the Founder of Conceptual Beauty, a beauty service based in Washington, DC specializing in wedding services such as engagements and bridal parties along with fashion shows and executive headshots.

She has over 20 years of makeup and beauty consulting experience. This article has been viewed 14,, times. Dark circles under the eyes tend to age your appearance more than wrinkles or grey hair.

See Step 1 and beyond for more information. To quickly get rid of black circles under your eyes, use a peach or orange tone concealer patted over the area with your finger to neutralize blue and purple tones and make the circles less prominent.

For a quick and natural solution, wrap an ice cube in a wash cloth and place it under your eye while lying down for minutes to reduce swelling and discoloration. For long-term treatment dab an eye cream containing vitamin K and retinol onto the area at night, and be sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. For information from our Cosmetologist co-author about lifestyle changes you can make to prevent black circles in the future, keep reading!

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Create an account. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article methods. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Use cucumber slices. Cucumber slices have long been used to reduce puffiness and refresh the appearance of skin around the eyes, providing a fast "pick-me-up" for tired and puffy eyes.

Place a slice over each eye, extending over the darkened area. Do this daily, coupled with lying down for minutes. Keep your eyes closed.

Keeping cucumber slices in the refrigerator before applying on your skin could be more beneficial in reducing dark circles due to the cooling properties of these items, which work in a method similar to a cold compress. Apply cool tea bags or an ice cube wrapped in soft cloth to your eyes daily. The tannin in tea bags reduces swelling and discoloration. Lie down, preferably in the morning, and leave the cool and damp caffeinated tea bags over your eyes for about 10 to 15 minutes.

You can refrigerate them overnight so they will be ready in the morning. Sleep with your head elevated. Prop up your head on a few pillows or use a wedge to elevate your head at night.

This can help prevent circles underneath your eyes since it reduces fluid retention around your eyes. Make a saline solution. Have your head tilted to the side so that the water comes out the other nostril. It's best used when you're experiencing nasal congestion.

Use a potato. Place one uncooked potato into a liquidizer and liquidize the whole potato. Scoop out and place the pureed potato on your closed eyelids. Keep it there for 30 minutes while lying on your back, then wash it off with warm water. This method works well for some people.

Use a frozen spoon. Put a spoon in the freezer overnight. Take it out in morning and cover the circles after splashing some water over your face with it. Hold it there until the spoon is warm again. Apply almond oil on the dark circles. The vitamin E from this oil helps neutralize dark circles under eyes and makes your periorbital skin look bright and young. Applying almond oil can reduce dark circles gradually but you can speed up the process by applying it before sleep to let the Vitamin E work overnight on your skin.

Regularly undergo meditation and perform some exercise. Dark circles can be an outcome of the stress in your day-to-day life. Thus, getting rid of unwanted tension and stress can subsequently help you get rid of the dark circles. Method 2 of Do a skin patch test. Before trying any cosmetics, do a skin patch test first. Some cosmetics may cause an allergic reaction, and make the dark circles under your eyes worse.

Cease using anything that irritates your skin, causes rashes or makes your eyes sore or watery. Apply an eye cream containing vitamin K and retinol. Dark circles may be caused by a deficiency of vitamin K. Regardless of the cause, however, skin creams containing these two ingredients reduce puffiness and discoloration significantly in many people. Long-term daily use seems to have the greatest effect.

Use a peach or orange-tinted concealer to balance out the blue or purple tones in your under-eye circles. Choose a peach or orange-tinted concealer that is 1 to 2 shades darker than your skin tone, and apply it in an upside-down triangle shape with your ring finger. Be sure to extend it towards the tops of your cheekbones. Gently pat on your foundation over it. If you have medium or dark skin, go for a dark peach or orange-tinted concealer. Wearing sunglasses when outside will also help protect the eyes from excess pigmentation.

Method 3 of Get your beauty sleep. Get plenty of sleep nightly. Before going to bed at night, remove all eye makeup. If you don't, when you get older, you can look much more tired on a continuing basis. Determine how much sleep you need. Try to get your target amount regularly for a couple of weeks to see if that helps.

Alcohol and drugs can negatively affect the quality of your sleep. For best results, abstain from these products or use them only in moderation. Get adequate vitamins that assist sleep.

A lack of sleep, coupled with poor vitamin absorption tends to reduce adrenal function. The less adrenal function you have, the less B6 you tend to absorb. The less B6 you absorb, the less your adrenal glands function and you end up in a vicious circle. Treat your allergies. Allergies are a common cause of skin discoloration under the eyes. If an allergy is the root of your problem, treat the allergy or remove the allergen. Seasonal allergy problems such as hay fever can be effectively treated with over-the-counter and prescription medications.

For other allergies, the best course of action is usually avoidance. If your dark circles or puffiness are constant, you may have an undetected food allergy or an allergy to a chemical in your home or workplace.

Talk to a dermatologist for help determining what you may be allergic to. People with allergies also tend again to be deficient in B6, folic acid, and B12 on occasion. Taking a multivitamin may also help. Gluten intolerance. Another common allergy that causes dark circles is gluten intolerance, which is an allergy to wheat, barley, and rye in particular.

More severely, you could have celiac disease. To test for celiac disease, have blood tests performed by your doctor.

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