How to hunt whitetail deer with a decoy

how to hunt whitetail deer with a decoy

How to Choose the Right Turkey Load

Videos How Do You Hunt?™ Migration Nation See All Episodes > Sporting Life Retriever TV See All Episodes > DU Films See All Episodes > DU TV See All Episodes > Growing Deer TV See All Episodes > Tips & How-To's See All Videos > Products & Technologies See All Videos > Pro-Staff. Apr 10,  · If you want to increase your decoy effectiveness this spring, consider what the real turkeys are doing. A 30,foot-view explanation is that flocks start out as big as they’ll be all season and shrink to smaller groups as spring progresses.. This means that multiple decoys are a solid choice on Day One, but you’ll probably only want a single hen deke by the last week of the season.

Qith you want to increase your decoy whitetial this spring, consider what the real turkeys are doing. The space between offers a moving target for decoy choice and setup. Here are three scenes to set this spring that are likely to walk a tom into shotgun range. The Full Strutter If you want to experience turkey hunting at its worst, put out a full strutter at the wrong whitetaiil.

When winter flocks start busting up, the fighting starts. During this time, the toughest, biggest birds usually end up taking names and kicking ass. Where those how to download pictures from motorola razr like to feed early in the season is where you should place a full strutter, along with a couple of hens. The key here is location.

Make sure your scouting is accurate and that his flock of girlfriends is going to wander by. The Shortbeard Dedoy single best decoy anyone can own is a submissive, half- or quarter-strut jake. These dekes are effective all spring, so long as you pair them with the right birds. A laydown hen is great to go alongside a jake deke, especially for the first couple weeks of the season.

Just make sure the laydown hen is visible to approaching birds and not obscured by grass or brush. This two-bird setup is good, but can be even better if you mix in a couple of feeding or upright hens especially in the first half of the season. Position them facing your setup all in the same direction, with the jake in last place. The ruse should look like a small flock walking away, with the only male in the group about to get lucky. As the season progresses, pay attention to the reactions you get.

What I learned in those formative years was that any combination of decoys might work, but the best bet was to use one or two hens. By May, the fever of the season has died down and there are a lot of loners on the landscape. When you hunt later in the year, you tend to see lots of single or paired up hens and mostly loner gobblers or small groups of jakes.

This is likely due to the dhitetail of food insects and fresh growthas well as the amount of nesting going on. Plus, the birds no longer need to be concentrated on the best food sources or most weather-friendly roosts.

They can, and will, spread out across their entire home range. This box pairs a beautiful purpleheart lid with a solid what is autumn weather like body designed for creating raspy what is composite toe made of hen sounds that will pull a wily old tom right into your lap.

Once this handcrafted pot call has been prepped and tuned, it will coax in the most call-shy turkeys in damn near any conditions. Now more than ever, having realistic turkey decoys is critical. This means decoy realism is of critical importance in many common scenarios. There are plenty of reasons why a longbeard will change his mind and pull abut the most common involves some level of decoy shyness.

The beauty of spring turkey hunting is that success can be achieved through multiple hunting styles. You can run-and-gun with a shotgun or set up shop in a hub-style blind with your bow. You can crawl around and bushwhack them, or put out a whole spread of decoys and only take the safety off when a gobbler struts in to put on a show. Or you can reap. Tony J. Peterson Apr 10, Feature image via Captured Creative.

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First, Identify The Field Marks on Your Target Birds

Mar 12,  · There was a time when all my turkey, small game, waterfowl and upland shot shells were 2 ?-inch, #6 lead, gauge field loads. Since then, shotgun loads for all game species, including wild turkeys, have come a long way. These days, turkey loads . ?Reviews (13) Ivory & Antler Outfitters offers Colorado's best free range, fully guided big game hunting experience. Call Earl at () for questions or to book a hunt. Decoy Accessories Logo Products Our passion for engineering truly innovative gear doesn't stop at the duck blind or the deer stand. We took our 15+ years of experience crafting real apparel for the real hunter, and we extended it to the real fisherman. That same passion that fuels hunters is equally matched by hard core anglers, and they.

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