How to get plushies on animal jam

how to get plushies on animal jam

Jul 04,  · The Epic Plushies are some of the rarest Plushies in AJ. The only way to get them was by buying a real-life AJ Plushies, one of the Sidekix Plushies from Animal Jam Outfitters. Epic Plushies come with unique badges and they have their own animations. Jazwares Plushies. Jazwares Plushies are another set of very rare Plushies. You would need to buy Jazwares Toys and enter the codes that come with those toys, in order to get Jazwares Plushies. Other Plushies. The most common type of plushies can be obtained from The Claw mini-game as a prize. They can also be obtained by their Diamond Claw Counterpart. These plushies represent miniature versions of creatures/animals in the game, however, not all in-game creatures have a regular plushie counterpart.

Plushies are den items that represent animals, which can be placed in both land and ocean dens. Plushies can be won from Clawsbut can also be obtained from games, shops, and promo codes.

This is an unofficial collection of items that are all related by their name, as "Plushie" is included at the end of each one. Most plushies take the form of a playable animal or pet that looks similar to a stuffed animal. However, there are some that resemble other creatures entirely. Most what is the sovereign society have visible fastened stitches and certain exaggerated characteristics.

Many plushies have multiple different color variations, although there are some that only have one variety, such as the Freedom Day themed plushies and even certain Giant Plushies. Most plushies are plain and only differ from the others by color, but certain ones include accessories to further differentiate them from others.

The most common type of plushies can be obtained from The Claw mini-game as a prize. They can also be obtained what town was clint eastwood mayor of their Diamond Claw Counterpart. Since Aprilnewly released small plushies have only been obtainable via their respective Diamond Shop claw machine:.

On August 3,underwater claw machines were introduced to offer plushies that had previously only been sold in the Summer Carnival :. The plushies that were formerly sold in the Conservation Museum were all the giant type that are much larger than the in-game animals that they represent.

The Touch Pool mini-game in Tierney's Aquarium rewards aquatic-themed plushies as a reward, but each of these plushies can only be rewarded once per account. Just like the plushies that were sold in the Conservation Museum, the Diamond Shop plushies are all giant types. These plushies return to the Summer Carnival every year where they can only be purchased with Tickets. The freedom-themed plushies can only be purchased at the Summer Carnival during the time of the Freedom Day.

Each of these plushies has only one version and their names lack the "Plushie" part that most plushies have. Each of these plushies has only one version and includes a what is round to the nearest thousandth badge as well as an interactive animation.

These plushies are rare counterparts of the normal claw plushies, but they can only be obtained by entering Codes that come with the plush Jazwares Toys. Each of these rare plushies includes a special accessory that is not found on the what is the globe theatre like now claw plushies. The Jambassador Plushies are clothed animal plushies that represent each Jambassador's animal avatar. They were given out to each Jambassador on September 20,for them to distribute at their discretion.

Some Jambassadors have chosen to release their plushie into the Claw Machine that corresponds with their plushie's animal. There are a variety of plushies that are not part of some larger group; these types of plushies are listed below.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Unreleased Rare Seal Plushie. The unreleased Liza Plushie. An unreleased Monkey Plushie in an Epic Den. Categories :. Fan Feed 0 Codes 1 Alphas 2 Adventures. Universal Conquest Wiki. Clydesdale Horse Plushie. Giant Elephant Plushie. Giant Crocodile Plushie. Horseshoe Crab Plushie.

Giant Arctic Wolf Plushie. Giant Snow Leopard Plushie. Giant Kangaroo Plushie. Giant Polar Bear Plushie. Giant Arctic Fox Plushie. Giant Clydesdale Horse Plushie. Giant Flamingo Plushie. Giant Red Panda Plushie. Giant Spring Phantom Plushie. Pet Sugar Glider Plushie.

Large Butterfly Plushie. Large Pet Sugar Glider Plushie. Large Pet Piglet Plushie. Giant Pet Monkey Plushie. Giant Pet Spider Plushie. Large Freedom Butterfly. Large Freedom Sugar Glider. Rare Giant Raccoon Plushie. Rare Giant Panda Plushie. Exclusive Arctic Wolf Plushie.

Exclusive Coyote Plushie. Exclusive Crocodile Plushie. Exclusive Dolphin Plushie. Exclusive Monkey Plushie. Exclusive Penguin Plushie. Exclusive Tiger Plushie. Exclusive Toucan Plushie. Exclusive Red Panda Plushie. Exclusive Bunny Plushie.

Awsomeisme Plushie. Chocolate4Froggy Plushie. Lucyfluffydendecor Plushie. SnowyClaw Plushie. Formerly sold in Jam Mart Furniture. Obtained as the Journey Book reward for Crystal Reef. Formerly obtained as one of the Monthly Member Gifts. Black Giant Wolf Plushie. Obtained as the Journey Book reward for Mt. Jamaaliday Phantom Plushie. Disguised Phantom Plushie. The 10th prize in Message In A Bottle. Team Sabertooth Plushie. Team Direwolf Plushie. Sold at the Summer Carnival Shop.

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Jan 21,  · This is pretty much a foolproof way to get plushies with accessories on Animal Jam. Worth RIMS each. Aug 21,  · I use CupcakesinaCandyShop's den to get the plushies. Don't forget- you can get A LOT of normal plushies from this claw. SO I suggest you go here when you wa. In order to obtain the Epic Plushies, you needed to purchase Sidekix Plushies, which were sold at Animal Jam Outfitters. Sidekix Plushies are real-life plushies that came with a redeemable code. Once you redeemed that code, you would obtain an Epic Plushie, matching the Sidekix Plushie .

To create this article, 27 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 13, times. Learn more Want a quick and easy way to get some cool items for cheap? Try making a plushie store! Some Jammers are avid plushie collectors and will trade items you actually want in exchange for cool plushies.

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Tips and Warnings. Things You'll Need. Related Articles. Author Info Last Updated: February 17, Part 1 of Get a lot of gems. The claw machines are cheap, but because you don't win every time, it can get expensive fast. Go to the Sol Arcade in Jamaa Township and try the following games to get gems fast: Temple of Trivia - As long as the game is full or mostly full, you have the opportunity to earn up to gems Falling Phantoms - If you can get first place, you can earn a lot of gems.

Gems sometimes pop up on the sides if you last long enough. Best Dressed - As long as the game is full or mostly full, you have the opportunity to earn up to gems. However, this game is tricky as there's no way to be "good" at it, it all depends on what the people playing it like Splash and Dash - Normal Splash and Dash can earn you up to gems.

If you come in first 10 times, you can unlock Pro Splash and Dash, which can earn you up to gems. Start collecting common plushies. The claw machine in the Sol Arcade is always a good place to start, and you can get all of the common plushies here.

Each try only costs 5 gems, but you don't win every time. At the moment, there are no glitches that make it easier to win. Move on to collecting plushies with accessories. These are the plushies that people will trade better items to get since they often take some time to obtain. Be patient while collecting these. Keep playing a regular claw machine. Eventually, you will get a plushie that has some sort of clothing or other accessories that make it rare Find a jammer who has "The Claw" or other plushie machines in their den.

People can buy plushie machines, especially members. Try going to a crowded place and asking "does anyone have claw machines at their den? Most of the things that they sell come with codes for the game and some can be redeemed for plushies Collect diamonds. In the Diamond Shop in Jamaa Township, there are plushie machines you can buy to get rarer plushies and giant plushies, which are worth more than most plushies you get from claws Go to special events, like the Summer Carnival.

They often offer plushies that can only be gotten during certain times of the year, making them rarer Try going to other people's plushie stores and making trades there, which can be faster than trying to collect all your own.

Part 2 of Get the right den. You don't want a huge den because it will be too hard to fill it with good plushies. The small den that is available to everyone members and non-members is actually one of the best. Make your den look nice. Consider buying some wallpaper, flooring, and tables to put plushies on that will make your store look prettier and therefore more appealing to visitors.

Set up the plushies. You will need about 15 plushies in your store in order for you to draw customers. If you bought tables, put your rare plushies on the tables Common plushies can go on the ground or the wall Try to only have one of each color and type of plushie displayed ex.

Remember that you can replace a plushie as soon as you sell it if you have a replacement Group plushies by type. They shouldn't be randomly scattered everywhere, otherwise, it gets too busy.

Only trade plushies you are actually willing to trade away. Don't put out too many plushies, otherwise, it gets too busy. Stick to putting out your best and rarest ones, and you can always put out the more common ones as your stock runs out. If you have a beta plushie Cami's frog or Gecko plushie , give it its own setup. These plushies are in high demand and worth up to a rare spiked wristband. Part 3 of Go to a busy place to advertise your store.

Jamaa Township is usually the best place for this. Say something like, "plushie store my den! Go back to your store. Once there are a few people at your den - say, 3 or more - go ahead and head back. People will get impatient if they have to wait too long, and will likely leave if you don't come back pretty quickly. Attend to your customers. It is Animal Jam store custom to hop on an item that you want. If you can clearly tell what they're hopping on, tell them that you will put it on trade for them to try and buy.

If you can't tell, ask them politely, then put it on trade. Start selling. If there are specific things that you want, consider telling your customers that you're most likely to or will only accept those things. I advise against saying only, as you may lose customers if they don't have the things you asked for.

Remember that you are under no obligation to sell your plushies. If a person is not trading something that you think is fair, just tell them that politely. If they get mad, stay calm. If they ask what you want for it, give them a few suggestions. Make sure you're really ready to part with your plushies. If there's some that you want to keep for yourself, don't put them up for sale, as it can cause tension if you decide partway through a sale that you don't want to sell that plushie.

If someone is giving you an overtrade, stay calm. If you start to freak out, the person might start to reconsider. Consider doing custom trades. Once you have a bigger shop, people might ask you to get them a certain plushie. If you choose the accept the offer, you should negotiate on what they will give you in advance and give them an estimate on how long it will take you to get the plushie. Don't do a custom trade if it might take over an hour to obtain the plushie. Know what your plushies are worth.

Many people will give you undertrades for your plushies. If this happens, just deny the trade and ask for their worth. Common Plushies are worth almost nothing. Plushies with accessories are worth 1 rare item monday. Phantom plushies are worth from Rare Item Mondays. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Be patient. Getting common plushies can be hard, since you can't always win at claw machines, and getting rarer plushies can be even harder. Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0. Always be polite to your customers. If you're nice, you have a higher chance of getting better items from your sales or of getting them to buy more than one item.

Be careful not to overfill your store with customers. If you have too many, it is very hard to attend to them all, and people will start to get impatient or angry. Consider making an account just for your plushie store.

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