How to etch glass with silhouette cameo

how to etch glass with silhouette cameo


Different etch creams are effective for certain types of glass. Some glass etchants are more powerful than others, so it is important to choose the correct type of glass. I will be using Armour Etch. This type of etching cream calls for glass that is untreated (no Pyrex) and not intended for large solid areas of glass. Cutting like a Pro with Your Cameo Pro The Cameo Pro is the newest cutting machine released by Silhouette and I have loved creating larger projects with mine. Today I have 5 tips for setting up the Cameo steps can also be used for troubleshooting any cutting or .

Why am I just now discovering glass etching done the simple way?! I have always been so intimidated by this process, so I did not take the time to look into it. When How to send a song in an email discovered Armour How to replace fuel injector jeep cherokee, this became a game changer. I love personalizing cups, plates, wine glasses and even mirrors!

This product is very simple ylass use and after many trials and errors, I have discovered a method that works gpass best for me. In this tutorial, I will share al of my tips and tricks as well as show you how to use Armour Etch the most effective way!

To make these fun gifts, you need about twenty minutes, and a few basic supplies. Glass etching is a process where the surface of glass is roughened and abraded on a section of glass to produce a design. Basically, a chemical breaks down part of the glass resulting in a beautiful design if done correctly.

Different etch creams are effective for certain what parts are needed to build a computer of glass. Some glass etchants are more powerful than others, so it is important to choose the correct type of glass. I will be using Armour Etch. This type of etching cream calls for glass that is untreated no Pyrex and not intended for large solid areas of glass. I purchased my wine glasses and glass cups at Dollar Tree.

You can also use this particular glass etch on iwth and windows. So many possibilities! Because Armour Etch is a strong corrosive acid, it is best to protect yourself when handling the solution. Wearing gloves is a MUST! If this comes into contact with this skin, this could create quite a bit of discomfort and burning. Since having etch splashed into your eyes is not ideal either, I would recommend protective eyewear.

If you are careful, it is unlikely that this glass etching cream will fly into your eyes, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Since the chemicals can be stronger, I would recommend working in a well ventilated area. The best stencil to glasw is with permanent vinyl. This is my favorite because it has a stronger hold against the glass and the edges are less likely to peel.

Consequently, if you choose a vinyl with a weaker adhesive, this could cause lifting of your stencil and the etch will seep to the underside of your stencil. This will not give you the appearance you want. Invest in quality permanent vinyl. As long as you wear gloves and glasses to protect your skin and eyes. The bottle says not to leave the cream on for longer than a minute. I move the cream around on my product for 5 t and allow to sit for 10 minutes.

This gives me crisp bold lines. This can cause the vinyl to break down which will result in blurred or fuzzy edges on your design. I hope you enjoy making these as much as I do! These are so simple to create, and they always look so professional afterwards!

I would love to see the designs you come up with! When Life Gives You Glitter. Pin It. What Is Glass Etching? Stencil: The best stencil to use is with permanent vinyl. Is it safe to use Armour Etch? How long do I leave Armour Etch on my glass? What happens if I leave the Armour Etch on too long?

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Aug 27,  · Picking your first Silhouette CAMEO project will help you focus and as you work your way through this first project, you'll begin to learn the Silhouette Studio software and the machine. As you get familiar with the Silhouette Studio software you'll start to see how the software tools work and those techniques can be applied to future projects in a wide range of materials. Aug 04,  · Silhouette Studio is the software that is used for Portrait, Cameo and Curio cutting machines, as well as all older models. For Mac users, you will need OS X or higher. Windows computers need to be Windows 7 or above. Although you can run a lower version of the software on an older computer, the newer machines require newer computers. Glass / Lightbox Films. To find the products that you require and purchase online select a category below. Glass & Lightbox Films. Etch Effect; Decorative Films.

When I first considered buying a die-cutting machine, I did some research on the types of machines available. I found the original Silhouette machine by accident in a web search and was thrilled with the possibilities.

Now, 9 years later, I can honestly say these machines have far exceeded my expectations. I am blown away every day by the projects I see being created and by how the machines are being used in so many different industries outside of just papercrafting. I originally purchased the machine to make cards.

If you are a creative type who wants to let your imagination soar and have a machine to help your vision come to life, I can heartily recommend the Silhouette line of machines. Note: This post contains affiliate links. That means if you click the link and purchase something, I may receive a small commission. You pay the same price. This helps me to be able to keep my business going and provide more tutorials.

All Silhouette machines use included computer software to design images and to send projects to the machine. Because of this, you want to be aware of the minimum recommended computer requirements. All Silhouette software programs see more info below on what those are will run on either Mac or Windows computers. Chromebook is not currently supported. The software will not run on a tablet such as an i-Pad, as they do not use the same operating system as a computer.

There is an app in development, but it is not currently available and will probably be limited. You need a computer, not a mobile device.

Silhouette Studio is the software that is used for Portrait, Cameo and Curio cutting machines, as well as all older models. For Mac users, you will need OS X Windows computers need to be Windows 7 or above. Although you can run a lower version of the software on an older computer, the newer machines require newer computers. For example, version 2 of the software can be run on a Windows XP computer, but the current Cameo models will not work from it.

We are currently on version 4 of the software so version 2 is quite old by now. Plus, XP is no longer supported by Microsoft so it not safe or reliable. You want to check minimum requirements for both the software AND the machine.

You do NOT need an internet connection to run any of the softwares. You DO need a strong internet connection to—. All these actions can be done when you choose. Firmware updates are required to make your machine run properly, and newer machines require later versions. Other than that, updates are optional but recommended, as they always fix bugs and add features. This chart and this web page will help you compare the various Silhouette cutting machines , which are the Cameo , Portrait and Curio.

However, they are unfortunately not currently updated for the Cameo 4, which is a complete gamechanger on materials.

Silhouette America and online retailers often offer machines in bundles. These bundles include everything listed above as well as extras. I am often asked which bundle is best to get. The answer depends on what you will use. Here are some thoughts. Choose a bundle based on what types of projects you would most like to create.

Here are some that include a starter membership here on my site—. Extra blades and mats are always useful, as almost everyone will need both eventually and particularly paper crafters. The only exception would be for those who cut exclusively without a mat, which is rare.

These bundles will often include tools as well, which are very helpful. Many like to just find the lowest machine price and pass on a bundle.

It is helpful to always have these on hand, as it will invariably be late at night when the stores are closed that you need a new one. Get these from the Silhouette America website under Replacement Parts. The Basic Edition is free to anyone to download on the Silhouette America website. If you are thinking about getting a Silhouette machine and want to test drive the software first, I highly recommend doing this.

These upgrades add features within the Silhouette Studio software. You can do that at any time. The Mint machine uses a different software, the Mint Studio.

This is also free on the website. This is for use with the Alta and is free on the website. Silhouette Connect is not a separate software, but a plug-in used in conjunction with Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw. It treats the machine in the same way as a printer, allowing you to design and cut directly through those programs rather than through the Silhouette Studio software. There is a charge for Silhouette Connect.

For this plug-in, you need—. Silhouette ModelMaker allows you to create 3d projects. This is a paid software, although you can download and use it for 15 minutes to test it. Currently, there is NOT an app for mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet. There was a very rudimentary one, but it has been removed for now. Silhouette America is in the process of revamping this. For more information on software levels and types, see this post.

Go to Before You Begin Series 2 to start. What bundle should i get my wife? There are 20 different bundles with this or that? Hi Mike. If you know what she wants to make you can look for a bundle with those materials. For example, vinyl Oracal, adhesive vinyl is what you put on a wall or on things like cups. Heat transfer vinyl HTV, Siser, Thermoflex, Heat transfer material is what you put on T-shirts or other fabric surfaces with an iron or heat press.

A bundle that includes Designer Edition a software upgrade that includes additional features is something I do recommend because it means you can open and use a file type called SVG that you can get many places online.

Hope this helps! The Curio is more of a specialty machine that is intended as a secondary machine for those who already have a portrait or cameo.

The Alta is a 3D printer. My recommendation to someone just starting is the Cameo. Hi, I am really confused with the different bundles and machines that are available. I know some of the machines can do this but i am not sure if the software need comes at a separate cost and hen a further cost for updates etc… Any Help?

Thank you. Yes, it can be very confusing. That one includes a starter membership here on my site. The Cameo, Portrait and Curio can all cut any thickness of sticker paper.

The max cutting depth for the newest models — Cameo 3, Portrait 2 and Curio — is 2mm. You can tell the newest models of the Cameo and Portrait because they have the autoblade, and the Cameo has 2 tool holders. Even the earlier machines Cameo 1 and 2, Portrait 1 have a 1mm clearance under the bar so still plenty of depth for any sticker paper. It has a smaller cutting area of 8 x 6 with the regular base, 8 x 12 with the larger base sold separately. And you cannot cut without the mat.

Cutting without the mat on the other models allows you to cut something like vinyl much longer 10 feet or more. You print them on your home printer or at a print shop and then the machine cuts them for you based on cut lines you add.

All the machines can do print and cuts. The Cameo is wider so you can cut standard 12 x 12 scrapbook paper. There are some upper levels of the software upGRADES that add extra features, but the basic will do all you need for print and cut stickers. It allows you to open SVG files, turn any design into a sketch design, directly access glyphs fancy alternate letters in some fonts in the software, etc.

You pay that fee once and all software updates include updates to all upper levels of the software like that. Or you can start without it and upgrade at any time later. I have more tutorials on the software levels in the membership area here on the site. Is there anyway to use the iPad to do this? All my fonts and designs are on my iPad. Please let me know and thank you in advance for any help you can share. For example, the software uses a.

IPads use apps, not programs.

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