How to draw a snowflake

how to draw a snowflake

How to Draw a Snowflake

Snowflake drawing - step 1 1. Begin by drawing two long, straight, vertical lines, running parallel to one another. These lines will form the central shaft of the snowflake. Jan 14, How to draw a snowflake If you want to make symmetrical snowflakes I encourage you to start with 2 lines making an X then another line through the middle to make all six sides symmetrical. You can practice a little before adding the snowflake details. Below I have the tutorials on how to make snowflakes.

Learn how to draw a snowflake in just three easy and simple steps with our detailed step by step guide. Drawing snowflakes in your December calendar or bullet journal spread is essential for keeping the theme and celebration of the winter season alive. There are a few hand-drawn snowflake doodles that are more detailed but simple enough to remember.

You can easily choose to draw a few how to add icon in html these snowflakes or draw them all, totally up to you! This post contains affiliate links. We may earn a small commission if you purchase through our links at no extra cost to you. For this one, start off by drawing a straight line down.

Draw another line slanted from one side to the other of the first line. Now draw another line from left to right. Draw two smaller V shapes on each of the snowflake sides to get a simple design like this. Do you remember the first snowflake doodle you just drew? On each of the sides, draw three V shapes. To finish off this snowflake drawing, go ahead and draw a circle on each of the sides.

You can shade the circles in or leave them open like this one. This snowflake design is a little more different than the previous two where in this instance we have eight sides rather than six. Then go ahead and draw an X shape over that cross shape. To this, draw an upside-down V shape in each corner of the snowflake more towards the middle what is the difference between active and passive ftp the lines.

You can go back and darken the lines you want to stand out most. Did you like the previous snowflake design? Just as how you had drawn the shape of the snowflake before, do that again. For this design, begin the details by drawing a smaller star shape towards the middles and then leave a bit of space and draw another star shape. This snowflake drawing is different from the others so you might need to spend some extra time on this one.

Start off by drawing a sort of hexagon shape and draw a small line on each of the sides. Then go ahead and draw a V shape on each of the sides. Close the snowflake drawing off by drawing a small circle on each line. So, there you have it! Five different snowflake designs you can draw in minutes! Did you have fun learning how to draw a snowflake? Let us know your thoughts on this simple drawing tutorial and if you need more Christmas themed drawing tutorials, then try drawing this awesome Christmas lights!

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The Complete Snowflake Drawing Tutorial in One Image

Dec 27, DIRECTIONS Draw a vertical line.. Draw na X. The length and spacing needs to be the same.. Draw diamonds on the ends. Add matching V shapes inside. Draw Add diamond shapes inside.. Draw small diamonds as shown. Erase the inside lines.. Trace with marker and color. Jul 13, How To Draw Snowflakes Drawing Instructions 1. Simple Snowflake. Heres a really simple and easy snowflake doodle you can start off with. For this one, start off by drawing a straight line down. Draw another line slanted from one side to the other of the first line. Now draw another line from left to right. Now, its time to add details. Start by drawing a vertical line. 2. Draw a cross like a X shape. 3. Draw a series of v-shaped patterns along the vertical line. 4. Draw a series of v-shaped patterns on the x-shaped lines. 5. Color this snowflake.

This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. This article has been viewed , times. Learn more Drawing a snowflake might seem complicated, but there are a few tricks you can use to make it a breeze! To draw a snowflake, start by sketching a hexagon that's the same size you want your snowflake to be.

Then, draw a line between each corner of the hexagon and the corner across from it. Next, draw a 6-pointed star in the center of the hexagon, which will serve as the base of your snowflake. Once you've drawn the star, sketch the outline of a snowflake over the lines you've drawn so far. When you're happy with your snowflake, just erase the extra lines in the background and color it in with white, blue, and purple to finish your drawing!

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Related Articles. Article Summary. Draw a hexagon on a piece of paper. A hexagon has 6 sides that are all the same length. The bigger you make the hexagon, the bigger your snowflake will be.

Use a ruler to draw the hexagon so the lines are straight and even. Draw a line from each corner of the hexagon to the corner across from it. You should draw a total of 3 lines, which will all intersect in the center of the hexagon. Use a ruler so all of the lines are straight. Draw a 6-pointed star in the center of the hexagon. Since your hexagon is divide into 6 equal sections by the lines you drew connecting the corners, you should draw 1 point of the star in each section.

Try to make the points of the star about half way between the center and outside of the hexagon. At this point, you can get creative and draw your own snowflake formation.

Draw the long points of the snowflake over the long lines connecting the corners of the hexagon. Erase the extra lines around your snowflake. Color in your snowflake with white, blue, and purple. Although snowflakes are mostly white, you can still add some blue and purple to make it look reflective and realistic. Not Helpful 24 Helpful Not Helpful 34 Helpful There are many possible ways to draw a star, some of them can be found in these instructions: How to Draw a Star.

Not Helpful 36 Helpful You could use a digital drawing tool, such as Autodesk Sketchbook to make the symmetry work properly. Not Helpful 23 Helpful Belle K. The illustration shows a marker being used for step 6 but you can use anything to color it in. Not Helpful 8 Helpful 5. Emery Cailin. You can use whatever colors you want in your drawings, it's your drawing and it doesn't have to be true to life. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0.

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