How to do makeup like burlesque

how to do makeup like burlesque

Authentic 1940s Makeup History and Tutorial

Oct 25, - Explore Sophie Mattice's board "Burlesque makeup", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about makeup, burlesque makeup, makeup inspiration pins. s makeup is one of the most vintage looks, and rather simple to recreate. There was a push for all things natural, unlike the s and s, which favored reshaping eyebrows and contouring the face. s makeup enhanced natural beauty with just a few tools.. During the war, European women dealt with huge cosmetics shortages, as petroleum and alcohol some of the main.

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Gene Tierney wears the s look with all natural ease. There was a push for all things natural, unlike the s and s , which favored reshaping eyebrows and contouring the face. During the war, European women dealt with huge cosmetics shortages, as petroleum and alcohol some of the main ingredients in makeup at the time were used for the war effort.

When makeup ran out, women turned to home remedies to substitute, such as using beetroot juice to stain lips and petroleum jelly to darken lashes and shape eyebrows. In the United States, cosmetics continued to be manufactured throughout the war and were seen by the government as a morale booster for the busy women on the home front.

Women were encouraged to wear makeup all the time to hide sadness and attract men, even while at work. Athletes even wore makeup. Color films had a big impact on the market, as women could now imitate the shades worn by Hollywood starlets. By , between 80 and 90 percent of women wore lipstick, two thirds wore rouge and a quarter wore eye makeup. The makeup look of the s is classic and sophisticated , but very simple to recreate. First, the thick foundation had to be applied and blended.

A lighter shade on cheeks could make them look plumper. Next came the eye shadow. After that, moist rouge was applied. This could also be used to shape the face, but had to look natural. Then powder was applied with a huge velour or wool puff. It had to be pressed into the face and was applied heavily as in the face would be covered in powder! Then the excess had to be brushed off the face with a powder brush.

Next came the eyebrow pencil, mascara, and finally! Black women often mixed their own makeup or went without powders. Foundations were also much thicker and creamier none of our lightweight liquid foundations were around.

Face powder was essential and matched the skin tone while keeping the face matte. Tip: Apply a light coat of baby oil mineral oil to your face before applying a foundation.

Powders should match your natural skin tone as much as possible. Light shades keep a woman looking fresh and youthful, while a slightly bronzed shade adds a sun kissed glow, popular with movie stars. Almost all makeup lines carried a sun kissed color or two.

If you are over 40, your skin is prone to yellowing, in which case a powder with a pink tinge will work better for you. To apply, use a puff to dust your face all over and then brush from the neck up to the forehead. Only brush down once to finish and smooth out face fuzz. Tip: A fluffy face puff makes a difference. Pan-cake compressed makeup came out in the mid s with big success. To women who could afford it, it provided more coverage applied in less time. Just remember to always brush up, never down.

Rouge blush applied to the center and brushed up and out to the cheekbones. They were mostly pinkish shades of peach and coral or raspberry for bronze skintones.

Moist rouge cream was used often to give a natural color and was blended into the foundation. Compressed powders were also brushed lightly on the cheekbones to give a natural rosy look. Apply to fingers then dab and dot on checks and rub in till blended. Rouge cream or liquid rouge are often found at theatrical costume makeup stores. Some are available in common brands, too see these on Amazon.

Beautifully arched eyebrows were a carry over from the s. Eyebrows that were thin and arched continued to be worn in the early years, a carry over form the s, as well as in the late s, leading into the contoured faces of the s.

Eyebrows were worn fairly natural-looking. They were further defined with eyebrow pencils that were slightly darker than the haira line was drawn at the top of the brow and the hairs below were left soft. Personally, I like this look best for day wear.

Very little makeup was used on the eyes. During the day, most women wore a light coating of dark brown or black mascara. Some only used Vaseline brushed on the lashes. Mascara came in liquid, paste or cake with a small lash brush. Adding a drop of water or spit to cake makeup gave it a thick build up. Mascara was applied to both the upper and lower lashes. Eye shadows could also be worn, but in very neutral colors, and usually only for evening looks.

Eye shadows should match the eye color not compliment it like we do today. Blue-eyed gals should use blue-grey shadow, green eyes used grey shadow and brown shadow was used on hazel, brown, or black eyes.

For evening, eye shadow colors were sometimes matched to the dress, but often silver or gold was added to a regularly used shade. Eye shadow was worn in a single color no smoky eyes or contouring here! Lipstick was red, red and red!

Shades could be bluish or orange-y and everywhere in between, but lipstick was always red and always worn. In the fall shades became a little darker, and were a little bit lighter in the spring. Lipstick was generally completely matte women were told to moisturize lips before applying lipstick, as well as adding a dab of oil on top of the lips if the color was too bland. They also blotted lips with a tissue after each lipstick application.

By , lipstick pencils had appeared and were being used to perfectly outline the mouth before lipstick was applied. For thin lipped women, over drawing the lip line was needed to achieve the right shape. They preferred the natural beauty look as did most women in the s. Full on top and bottom. Fill in the top lip with lipstick. Rub your top and bottom lip together to transfer the color. Touch up the bottom lip if its not even with the top.

Revlon nails. Red, red and more red to match the lipstick. Fingernails were always neatly trimmed and filed into long oval shapes. Nails were kept slightly shorter during wartime work for safety. Cuticles were also always kept immaculate, trimmed and moisturized. Nails were almost always painted in various shades of red, although pink, coral, mauve, rose and burgundy were also popular colors. Nail polish colors often came in a set with matching lipstick.

A clear coat topped all nail polish for durability. One fingernail fad was to leave the half moon white spot at the base unpainted this was a classic fingernail style of the s to s. Seeing a manicurist was a frequent expense for women throughout the decade. Tip: An easy way to create an even half moon shape on your nails is to use stick on hole paper reinforcements. Apply the labels to the base of your nails. If the top of the inside hole is just touching your cuticles, then the polish lines will be right where you want them.

Apply polish. Remove labels after one minute but before the polish is completely dried. Use a white polish if your nails are dull. Apply clear coat to finish. See detailed directions here. It is not nearly as complicated as most online tutorials show you. TIP: Purchasing modern makeup to create a s look is not easy. You will want to find makeup that is pure matte no shine. Revlon makes a good matte line, and some of the newer organic makeup lines also have good choices.

Max Factor and Elizabeth Arden were original s brands and thus still have a few colors and products in their modern line like Pan Cake powder. Besame is another line that recreates vintage makeup colors and cosmetic cases from original formulas highly recommended.

They have a guide to which of their makeup work for different eras here. Reader question: For my own 40s makeup I tend to choose very light applications of powders, blush, and mascara with a red or pinkish red lipstick.

If I was going for an evening or pinup look I would do heavier applications. To get more tutorials, I would normally suggest turning to a book or website on s makeup. Use them as a suggestion, but stick to the style explained here and you will be glamorous in no time. The looks are a bit more movie star than daywear, but the modern techniques are still helpful. I love her Vintage Hairstyling book too.

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