How to do a stopover flight

how to do a stopover flight

How to Book a Long Layover and Get More Travel in One Trip

A stopover is essentially an extended layover normally referred to as a break in connecting flights of more than 24 hours. Still following? Still following? For the purpose of this blog, a stopover can be anything from a weekend away to just enough time to have a . To include a stopover in your itinerary, enter each leg of the journey separately. For example, to book a stopover in Dubai on your way from London to Sydney, enter London and Dubai in the first set of search fields, then Dubai and Sydney in the second set.

The terms are often used interchangeably. Depending on the airline, a stopover could be one day or several days. You may even be able to add a couple of stopovers to your itinerary, creating a multi-stop trip that feels more like a round-the-world adventure. Here are a few airlines to check out for their free stopover policies:.

In some cases, booking a stopover is as simple as using one of the sites linked abovethose airlines make it easy to add a stopover to your trip. You just need to be a little more creative about it. This way, you get to choose how long you stay, how many stopovers you add to your trip, and whether you add stopovers to one or both legs of a roundtrip journey. Flying from New York to Sydney, you might run into plenty of itineraries that connect in Los Angeleswhich makes it an ideal candidate for a stopover.

We call this the Greek Islands trick. We search for flight deals and let you know when we find incredible fares like these:. Glossary What is a Stopover?

A stopover, often called a long layover, is a less well-known term to describe a layover during which you leave the airport and often stay a day or more in the layover city. What's the difference between a layover and a stopover? How long is a stopover?

Which what is the cost of black dog whisky offer free stopovers? How do you book a stopover? Sign Up. How It Works. Deals Guides Premium Invite Upgrade.

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Jun 04, If youre searching flights and you find a great deal with a really long stopover, do some digging to see if the airline offers a STPC. Sometimes the info is buried on their website. If youre a bit shorter on time, some airlines and airports offer free or cheap transit tours from the airport. To book a DIY stopover itinerary, youre essentially booking a multi-city flight itinerary, with the stopover being the middle city. This way, you get to choose how long you stay, how many stopovers you add to your trip, and whether you add stopovers to one or both legs of a roundtrip journey. A few other examples are Cathay Pacifics flights to San Francisco, Vancouver and Toronto. Also notice that it says North American gateway. Stopovers dont have to be in the US only. For example, Air Berlin has a flight to Cancun and you can easily book a flight from Germany to Cancun, stop, then have a .

We introduced a few enhancements to our deal sheet in the last week. One of the key enhancements is including whether or not an international fare allows a stopover. A stopover is an inexpensive way to travel to more destinations for less.

A stopover allows you to stay in a connection city for greater than 24 hours and less than the duration of your trip. The natural stopover for most people on this fare might be Tokyo, however, this fare also includes possible connections in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Seoul.

So it is technically possible to stopover in those cities. We recommend you start by reading our two articles on ITA to get a good understanding on how to use it first:. To search for a stopover, you have to start your search with a simple roundtrip. Here are the fare calculations. The stopover needs to be inside those travel dates.

If it does not price out, test all possible dates for the stopover flight. In this case, we lucked out and a stopover was available. Just because a stopover is allowed on the fare rules does not mean it actually exists. Taxes for Japan also increased. Use your favorite booking site or the carrier website. Use the Multi-city or Multi-Destination feature and enter each segment individually.

We used Orbitz. The Flight Deal does not sell travel products or services. The information posted by The Flight Deal is valid at the time of publication. However, we have no control over the suppliers, and we therefore do not warrant or guarantee that their offers will not change or become unavailable. Nor are we responsible for their products, services or site content. Please see their sites for their most up-to-date offer information and all applicable terms and conditions.

Sign up to receive The Flight Deal Daily DealsLetter, to stay up to date with the latest and greatest flight deals available. Great tutorial but how can I find out whether a fare allows stopovers in the first place? Johnny, read the two ITA articles highlighted in the post. You will learn how to find the fare rules and whether or not the fare rules allows for a stopover.

How did you know there was a possible connection to these other cities? Can you look it in ITA or is it written somewhere? Will i get penalized or this is ok to do? Paul if you do that, the rest of your itinerary will be cancelled. Or do i need to spell out the exact routing on the way back? Great instructions. Choose an itin that gave me 20 hours in Abu Dhabi so I can at least check out the city.

Used your priceline link so hopefully that will come back to you. Thanks for the information! I am wondering, if a flight has layovers already built into the low price, what is the easiest way to extend the layover to a stopover? Is there a way to make those layovers become stopovers?

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