How to charge a dry cell motorcycle battery

how to charge a dry cell motorcycle battery

How to charge a motorcycle battery

Aug 27, †Ј Charging process Ensure the charger is off, and you have enough space to access the battery. Place the positive (RED) lead on the positive terminal, then place the Negative (BLACK) lead on the negative terminal. Now check that you have set your charger to . The rule of thumb for wet cell batteries is that the charge amperage should be 10% of the batteryТs amp/hour rating. For example, a 14 amp/hour battery should be charged at amps. Wet cell lead-acid batteries don't require smart chargers, and can be charged using old-school chargers such as direct current or constant current chargers.

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Redeem your ZillaCash Rewards on a future order with us! See our customer service page for more details. Hopefully, we can get you up and running quickly, though. Charging a motorcycle battery is not hard, but there are some things you can do to make sure you are successful. How to charge a dry cell motorcycle battery batteries, like the one in your motorcycle, do not take kindly hwo being discharged.

Expect to buy a new battery, and if yours can be drg, think of it as serendipity. Here you can see the internal pieces of a lead-acid battery. The lead plates up front motlrcycle held apart by chatge. That entire chamber is flooded with acid, and the resultant chemical energy is converted into electrical energy. Protip: do not cut your battery open to see what its construction type is.

RevZilla photo. Lead acid, absorbed glass mat AGMand gel batteries can all be charged in the conventional way. Lithium-based batteries lith ion, lith-iron, lithium phosphate, etc. There are a few types of battery chargers. The simplest type is a trickle charger, which converts the AC power coming out of your wall to DC, and blindly pumps it into your battery until it is turned off. Note that this type of charger must be monitored throughout the charging process.

That phrase has gone out of vogue somewhat, so you may also see these referred to as "fully manual" chargers. If he's got one, maybe you yo one, too. A Battery Tender Junior is far cheaper motofcycle a new battery in most cases. On the left is a float charger, which has a circuit that monitors the battery's state of charge. You may hear a standard charger referred to also as a "dumb" charger, because they don't include an automatic desulfation mode. In spite of the pejorative name, they are wonderful chargers for most battery construction types.

On the right is my ancient old trickle charger. Rather than relying on circuitry, the fail-safe dey is the watchful eye of the user.

Each type has their place though the trickle motorcycke isn't necessary if you have Ч and z Ч a float charger! Photo by Lemmy. Normally, it will charge at different rates in order to minimize the damage done to the battery. How to get a panda as a pet times those smart chargers cannot be used with lithium batteries. The problem is that chemically, lithium batteries are different from their lead counterparts, and most have an on-board management system that cannot cope with the pulsing.

Look to your battery manufacturer for guidance with this style battery, as not all brands can be treated the same. Chargers generally have a few different lead styles. Some bbattery for permanent attachment to a bike, like the lead on the left. I use one of these on each of my motorcycles, but I also keep a few of the clip-style leads handy mototcycle charging batteries off of the motorcycle.

It's also helpful for friends who need to borrow a charger. All of these chargers are available in varying degrees of charging amperages. Charging at a higher amperage is faster, but more stressful for the battery and ultimately bad for its future longevity.

Also note that many types of chargers have circuitry built in to keep the hwo from applying battrry to an object that is not a battery, so if a battery is really low on juice, a float or smart charger may not charge the battery. Note that two chargers should never be connected at the cry time. While most people are best served by a float charger to prevent something from happening to a battery beforehand, trickle chargers still have a place in the motorcycle world.

First, by removing the battery, you isolate your electrical system. A bad battery mtoorcycle a minor problem. A blown fuse, melted wiring harness, or fried ECU is not. One good battdry spike is all it takes to make that a reality. Get that battery out to charge it! Though not absolutely necessary, it's a good precaution when putting a charge to a battery that might be dead. Removing the charbe is also a good idea because the temperature of a battery changes when being charged.

A chemical reaction occurs inside the battery, and that reaction is exothermic Ч it gives off heat! The solution inside a battery can even boil and melt battery cases in extreme circumstances. The acid how much to tip dog groomer at petsmart bubbles out will wreak havoc on paint, metal, and rubber Ч nearly anything on a motorcycle can be damaged badly how to get an extension on unemployment in texas sulfuric acid.

If the battery is out of the bike and contained in a tray, your bike will stay nice even if the battery totally melts down during the charge process. A post shared by RevZilla revzilla on. If charg bike is in the garage, take it outside or ventilate your work area. Charging a battery gives off hydrogen gas, which is super-flammable.

Overcharging, should it happen, will produce hydrogen sulfide, which is super-bad-for-you. Next, attach the charger to the terminals. The order is unimportant. Triple-check that they are hooked up correctly! If you plug the charger in with it hooked up to the incorrect terminals, you are going to break things.

Make sure the charger leads are firmly attached to the battery. I dig this charger because it's constantly displaying the battery's state of health, and if how to start a tee shirt line start to go south, you find out about it when your bike is asleep in the garage, not miles from home. If you are using a dumb charger, hang out and watch mtorcycle baby, and test it every so often as it's charging.

Unhook the charger to test it correctly. That worked fine 40 years how to give him the best oral, but modern bikes have fuel chargee, injectors, computers, sensorsЕ all sorts of delicate electrical equipment. Trying to run them with a tk battery puts them at risk of damage, beats up your charging system, and puts you at risk of a bbattery who-knows-where.

And if you thought a new battery was pricy, see what your mechanic charges to replace your stator and voltage rectifier. Reinstall the battery and secure the hold-downs. Then attach the positive cable, and after that, the negative. Remember, the order is important! If your bike just sat in the shed for the winter, the charging system temporal thermometer how to use probably fine.

Same deal if you had a seven-year-old battery in your bike. But if you have a fairly fresh battery and you were riding vry bike and that battery just up and died, you may have a charging system problem or a parasitic draw. Fix the root cause, not just the symptom. That should do it for most of you! If you have any questions, drop us a comment or make how to charge a dry cell motorcycle battery with your local chargf mechanic. Navigation Menu. Wish List.

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Step 1. Temper your expectations

Sep 09, †Ј After you decide which battery is t. Place the batteries as indicated in the charger. Battery chargers will have the positive and negative terminals marked; match the terminals on the battery to the receptacles in the charger. Leave the batteries in the charger for the time indicated by the charger's instructions. Some chargers will automatically shut off when the battery is charged. rows†Ј Designed to change what you can expect from a motorcycle battery. The ultimate battery .

Shelf life of a dry charge battery will vary, but may be kept for several years under ideal conditions. Store in a cool dry area. The positive plate has an unlimited shelf life.

The negative plate will revert to lead oxide when in the presence of water and oxygen. If this should happen, the battery is not ruined, but activation will take considerably longer.

The electrolyte temperature will rise dramatically during activation. Activation may take several days. Before installing the batteries, clean the contact surfaces of the lead terminal post and battery terminals with a wire brush. Apply a thin coat of Vaseline to all contact points and connector bolts. After all connections have been securely tightened, they should be gone over and tightened a second time.

The state of charge of a battery can be measured with a hydrometer. The chart below shows the approximate "percent of charge" corrected for temperature at various specific gravity values. Determining state of charge by voltage is more difficult as there must be no load or surface voltage present.

When taking specific gravity measurements, it is important to correct for temperature to get a true reading. As a rule of thumb, specific gravity will change by 0. As an example a reading of 1. It is recommended that fully charged gravity and voltage readings be taken of each cell every month and compared with readings from the preceding period.

The readings will indicate any marked difference in battery condition as well as differences between cells. A good rule of thumb is if there is 0. Low readings would indicate the battery being discharged. The charging system can have a profound effect on the life of the battery. A high voltage setting can cause excessive gassing and water loss. Eventual damage to the battery system will take place. A low setting will leave the batteries in an under charged condition resulting in a loss of capacity and eventually the battery system may not take a charge.

A proper setting will result in a minimum of water consumption and still able to maintain the batteries at full charge. For more information, please refer to the Rolls Battery User Manual. Did you find it helpful? Yes No. Home Solutions. How can we help you today? Enter your search term here New support ticket. Check ticket status. Solution home Battery Installation Installation. Sorry we couldn't be helpful.

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