How to change the password on your computer

how to change the password on your computer

How Do I Change My Computer Sign In Password

Jan 08,  · In Windows 10, select Password and then choose Change. In Windows 8, choose Change from the Password section. Enter your current password in the first text box and then select Next. Enter your new password twice to verify that you've typed it correctly. Dec 23,  · Change Your Password to a PIN. 1. Follow steps under To Change Your Current Password above. 2. Within Sign-in options, click on Add under PIN.

Even if you don't have a treasure map located on your laptopyour Windows 10 password is still very important. If you suspect someone has your password, you've been re-using passwords and decide to be safer or simply feel like changing it, Microsoft gives you three different options to go about securing your device.

We've tested each method and laid out how to change your password in Windows 10 in several simple steps. You can always set a new password how to clear eustachian tube congestion Windows 10 -- we recommend using a combination of letters, numbers and symbols.

Usually it's best if these passwords are at least eight characters long, and although we advise you to use an alphanumeric password format because it's safer, you can also change your password into a pin or picture that lets you sign in to your Microsoft account quicker. And if you're trying your best to keep your privacy, make sure you know how to use Chrome's incognito windows. Also, literally keep your eye passwore for Windows Hellowhich allows you to sign in to your account through facial or fingerprint detection.

But if you prefer the old-school method, here's how to set your password on Windows In order to change your password, you have to sign in with your current Microsoft account password. Enter your password in the box. Click Sign in. Microsoft will send you a new code to change your password through the phone number that is associated with your account. Enter the last four digits of your phone number to verify it is the correct number. Press Enter.

A new page will direct you to enter how to smoke a briskit old password youf then type in a new password. Reenter the new password. Enter a new pin in the first box and reenter it in the second one. Click OK. You can now use this pin to sign hcange your Microsoft account. Enter your Microsoft account password to verify it's your account.

Click on Use this picture if you like it or click on Choose new picture if you don't. You can drag your photo to position it however you want. You will have to set up three gestures that will become part of your picture password. With youe cursor, draw lines or circles that coordinate with your photo. I traced three spikes in the crown of this statue of liberty I saw on the streets of New York. If you see this message then you successfully created your picture password!

This photo will show up when you sign into your Microsoft account. Simply retrace your gestures how to change the password on your computer you'll be signed in. We hope that you've learned everything you need to know about how to change your password in Windows Check out our guide for how to password protect a folder in Windows 10and below for more tips.

Now that you know how to change your password, check out our guide on how to change your desktop background in Windows If you're still having problems with your machine after you change your password, consider using yow Startup Repair tool and doing a full reset. Laptop Mag. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.

Reset your Windows 10 local account password

Feb 14,  · I'm Independent Advisor and Microsoft MVP, here to help you with your question. To change your password, try these steps: 1. Right click Start Button or press Windows + X keys and select Settings. 2. In the Settings app, navigate to Accounts > Sign-in options. 3. On the right pane of the window, under Password, click Change. 4. To change your password, press the ctrl-alt-del keys all at the same time on your computer keyboard. Choose the Change Password option that appears on the screen. The Change Password dialog box will appear. Enter your current password, along with your new password twice.

There are several very good reasons you might want to change the password to your Windows computer. We'd like to think it's simply because you know it's a smart thing to do every so often to keep your PC secure. Of course, another good reason to change your password is if your current password is too easy to guess Regardless of the reason, changing your password is very easy, no matter which version of Windows you have.

However, the steps involved to change your password differ somewhat depending on which operating system you're using, so be sure to take note of those differences when they're called out below. This guide covers Windows 10 through Windows XP.

Using the search bar, type sign in options and then choose Sign-in options from the list of results. In Windows 10, select Password and then choose Change. In Windows 8, choose Change from the Password section. Enter your current password in the first text box and then select Next.

Enter your new password twice to verify that you've typed it correctly. You can type a password hint, too, which will help remind you of your password should you forget it when logging in. It's required in Windows 8. Select Next. Select Finish. If you're viewing the Large icons , Small icons , or Classic view of Control Panel, you won't see this link.

Simply choose User Accounts and proceed to Step 4. Select User Accounts. In the Make changes to your user account area of the User Accounts window, choose Change your password. For Windows XP users, look instead for the or pick an account to change section, and select your user account, and then choose Change my password on the following screen. In the first text box, enter your current password. In the next two text boxes, enter the password you would like to start using.

Entering the password twice helps to make sure that you typed your new password correctly. In the final text box, you're asked to enter a password hint. This step is optional but we highly recommend that you use it. If you try logging in to Windows but enter the wrong password, this hint will display, which hopefully will jog your memory.

Select Change password to confirm your changes. You can now close the User Accounts window and any other Control Panel windows. Now that your Windows password has been changed, you must use your new password to log in to Windows from this point forward.

Trying to change your password in Windows because you forgot it but can't get into Windows again, because you forgot your password?

See our list of ways to find lost passwords in Windows for some options. Another option is to create a Windows password reset disk. While not a required part of changing your password, we highly recommend that you do this.

You do not need to create a new password reset disk if you already have one. Your previously created password reset disk will work no matter how many times you change your Windows password.

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