How to care for the money tree

how to care for the money tree

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Jan 18, †Ј Other Tips: Money trees donТt like to be moved often, so expect to lose a few leaves if you decide to move it. Money trees are safe for pets, so this is a good plant to try if you have furry friends around. Every spring, prune your money tree to help it maintain its shape. Use a sharp, clean tool to Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins. Jan 20, †Ј How do I care for my money tree? Your money tree is tropical, so it needs temperatures between 65 to 80 degrees. It doesn't like cold, so keep it away from drafty windows. Let it dry out a little between waterings. Then water until it runs out of the drainage holes, dumping out the overflow from the tiktoksmmen.comted Reading Time: 3 mins.

If you're thinking it might be time to start looking into adding a little extra life and greenery to your spacemoney tree plants are a unique and beautiful option. Plus, despite their statement-making appearance, they're actually pretty easy to care for.

Provide a money tree with the right amount of water, light, and humidity and it's sure to thrive. Here's what you need to know about the what are the functions of office houseplanthree the symbolism behind it to the nitty gritty of keeping it alive and mmoney. Money trees, AKA pachira aquaticaare considered a symbol of luck and prosperity, but they haven't been for all that long.

According to Bloomscapethis tl date back centuries, tdee you might expect, but rather, to cxre s. The braided money tree as we know it now actually first cultivated then by a mooney driver in Taiwan, and quickly became popular in Japan and East Asia, also becoming associated with the Chinese practice of Feng Shui.

The braided trunks are thought to "trap fortune within its moey Bloomscape explains, while the five leaves seen on each stalk are thought to represent the five elements of earth, water, fire, wind, and metal. And if you just so happen to how to find good stocks a money tree plant featuring a stalk with seven leavesЧa major rarityЧit's considered to be even luckier.

According to ProFlowersmoney tree plants like a mix of direct and indirect sunlight. As with most houseplants, too much direct sun can scorch the leaves, so to achieve the right balance with your money tree, you might want to turn or rotate it regularly for more even light distribution, just don't move it all over the place, so as to disturb it too much.

Another thing of note? Money trees can handle fluorescent lighting, so you're safe to keep one in your office so long as you take adequate care of it. It's important that you maintain nutrient-rich potting soil with good drainage, according to the experts at Miracle-Gro. To achieve this, you'll want to use a well-draining potting mix or add some sand and gravel for extra porousness.

The best way to keep a money tree plant happy? Give it a good watering every one to two weeks, allowing the soil to dry in between, according to The Sill. Ghe course, if your plant is getting more light, you'll also need to up its water intake so it doesn't get too dried out. This is a plant that requires a lot of monfy, but not all the time. Money tree plants do best in warmer environments, so you'll want to keep them in an area that's between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. But, the good news is, money trees are also pretty flexible and forgivingЧthey can still handle temperatures that go 10 degrees below or above that ideal range.

As far as humidity goes, money trees thrive with extra moisture, so make sure you mist your plant regularly. Bloomscape suggests putting your money tree plant on a pebble tray to increase humidity in the winter. While money tree plants don't have to be braided, most of the modern pachira aquaticas you'll find on the market are braided when you buy them. Braided money trees are actually multiple plants that have had their trunks woven together during growth, while they're flexible.

If you'd like to braid your plant, try as GardeningGuides. As the tree grows, you can continue this process. So do we. Let's obsess over them together. Like most houseplantsmoney trees also require regular pruning. First, you'll want to keep an eye out for any dead, damaged, or dying leaves and snip how to skip trowel plaster. The best way to do this is to use clean, sharp scissors how to photograph items for ebay pruning shears and make sure you wipe them off between cuts!

You moeny also prune them to be a specific shape if you preferЧmoney tree plants are traditionally round on top, but you can also let your plant do its own thing and just prune problematic parts to yhe your plant thriving and encourage new growth.

You can also prune your plant to keep it small if you'd mkney, as money tree plants can grow quite tall according to Garden. Since money tree plants require a lot of water all at once, they can be prone to root rot. Root rot, if you're unfamiliar, is when there's too much water in your plant, causing the roots begin to decay monwy die. Make sure that when you're tree your how to repair a plastic bumper with fiberglass, you don't see extra water monsy in the saucer under the drainage how to put mirror on door you do, clear it out to avoid root rot.

Your best bet carf to use a pot that isn't too big the bigger the pot, the more room it has to hold water and has excellent drainage, and place it on a saucer that you can easily remove and dump out when it fills with water.

Money tree plants can also attract pests like aphids and mealy bugs, but not to worryЧ Epic Gardening suggests applying neem oil to the soil to repel any pests, and removing aphids with water. All of these pests can cause major damage to your plant, so make sure you deal with them as soon as you see gor to avoid loose, drooping, dying leaves. Get started with one of these top online picks, or head to your local nursery.

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Your money tree prefers bright light.

Sep 02, †Ј As a general rule, you want a pot with a diameter as wide as the plant's foliage. When repotting a money tree, keep the soil mixture consistent (peat moss, perlite, and sand with fertilizer mixed in). Be proactive about pests. If money plants sit in wet soil, they can attract fungus tiktoksmmen.comted Reading Time: 4 mins. Indoor Gardening. Plant in a well-draining potting mix. Place in bright, indirect light away from vents and drafty areas. Water thoroughly, but allow the soil to dry down between waterings. Feed regularly during the spring and summer months. Prune as needed or . Dec 21, †Ј Money tree plants do best in warmer environments, so you'll want to keep them in an environment that's between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. But, the good news is, Occupation: Market Editor, House Beautiful.

Last Updated: February 8, References Approved. This article was co-authored by Maggie Moran. Maggie Moran is a Professional Gardener in Pennsylvania. This article has been viewed , times. The money tree, also known as Pachira aquatica, is an easy-to-grow indoor plant that traditionally comes with its trunks braided together. Money trees don't require a lot of maintenance, but there are some things you should do to ensure your money tree stays healthy and green.

Water your money tree whenever the top 1 to 2 inches of soil are dry and empty the drainage tray underneath it so it's not sitting in water. For more tips on caring for your money tree, like how often you should add fertilizer and when to prune it, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers.

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Tips and Warnings. Things You'll Need. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Put your money tree somewhere it will get indirect light. Any spot with bright lighting that doesn't get a lot of direct sunlight will work. Keep your money tree away from windows if direct sunlight shines through them every day. Direct sunlight can scorch the leaves on your money tree and kill it. Try to turn your tree every time you water it.

This helps ensure even growth and leaf development. Keep your money tree away from extreme heat and cold. Extreme temperatures can shock your money tree and cause it to die. Find a spot for your money tree that's away from heat and air conditioning vents. Don't put your money tree near a window or door if a cold draft comes through it a lot.

Choose a spot that has at least percent humidity. Money trees need a lot of humidity to survive. Get an indoor humidity monitor so you can keep track of how humid it is in the room your money tree is in. Raise the humidity levels around your money tree if it looks dry. Dry, falling leaves are a sign that your money tree isn't getting enough humidity. If you already have a humidifier set up, start leaving it on for longer amounts of time, or get a second humidifier. Make sure your money tree isn't near any heat vents that could be drying out the air.

Watering your money tree more won't help with the dryness, and it could make the problem worse by causing root rot or the leaves on the tree to turn yellow. Method 2 of Water your money tree when the top 1Ч2 inches 2. Don't water your money tree when the soil is still wet or you could overwater it and cause root rot.

To check if the soil is dry enough, gently dig down into the soil with your finger. If the soil is dry 1Ч2 inches 2. Water your money tree until water comes out of the drainage holes.

Once you see water draining out of the holes and into the tray underneath the pot, stop watering. Make sure you keep watering until you see the excess water come out or your money tree might not get as much water as it needs. Dump out the tray full of water after you water your money tree. That way your money tree won't be sitting in water, which can cause root rot.

After you water your money tree, wait a few minutes for all of the excess water to drain out of the drainage holes and into the tray. Then, lift up your potted money tree and grab the tray full of water from underneath it. Empty the tray and return it to its place underneath your tree.

Water your money tree less during the winter. Money trees grow less during the winter because there's not as much light. Because they grow less, they don't need as much water. During the winter, when you notice the soil your money tree is in is dry, wait extra days before you water it. Start watering regularly again once springs arrives. Method 3 of Trim off dead and damaged leaves using pruning shears. This will keep your money tree looking healthy and green.

Dead leaves will be brown and wilted, and damaged leaves will be torn or broken off at the stem. When you notice a dead or damaged leaf, clip it off at the base of the growth using the shears. Your tree just may not look as healthy as it could if you did trim them off. Shape your money tree with pruning shears. To shape your money tree, look at the tree and imagine the outlines of the shape you want. Then, look for growth that's extending outside the boundary of the imaginary lines.

Take your pruning shears and clip off the part of the growth outside the boundary line. When you're clipping off the growth, clip right after the leaf node that's nearest to the boundary line. Prune your tree during the spring and summer to keep it small optional. If you want your money tree to get bigger, avoid pruning it. Method 4 of Fertilize your money tree times a year. Money trees grow the most during the spring and summer, and seasonal fertilizing will help keep your money tree healthy as it grows.

Use a liquid fertilizer and cut the recommended dose on the label in half. Stop fertilizing at the end of the summer.

Your money tree doesn't need fertilizer outside of the growing season because its growth slows down, so it needs less nutrients. The recommended dosage on the packaging is the maximum amount intended for plants growing in perfect conditions.

Using the full dosage may be too much for your plant and it could have negative effects. Pot your money tree in a relatively small pot. A pot that's a lot larger than your money tree will hold too much soil and moisture, which can lead to root rot.

When you repot your money tree, choose a pot that's slightly bigger than the pot it was previously in. Choose a pot that has drainage holes.

Drainage holes allow excess water to drain out of the pot and into a tray beneath it. Money trees are prone to root rot, which is caused by too much water, so it's important your money tree has plenty of drainage. When you're shopping for pots, look down inside of them at the bottom of the pot. If there aren't any drainage holes, look for another pot that has some. Pot your money tree in a fast-draining, moisture-retaining potting soil.

Use a premade bonsai soil mix, or make your own potting mix using a peat-moss based potting soil. The peat moss will help the soil retain moisture, and the sand or perlite will help with drainage. Repot your money tree every years. To repot your money tree, carefully dig out the roots and soil from the pot it's in, taking care to stay near the edges of the pot so you don't damage the roots. Then, transfer your money tree to a new pot and add new soil to fill in the extra space.

Maggie Moran. It is best to allow the soil at the top to dry out before watering. You do not water the plant until the top inches of soil are dry. Note that overwatering can cause root rot.

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